Courses/private lessons

Eight week Mindfulness Course

In this course you will learn how to meditate and use techniques to give you objective insights into your thoughts, feelings and physical experiences. By developing these practices you will be able to cope with stress, improve your concentration, reduce anxiety and worry, enhance your physical health and strengthen your immune system.

The main themes covered over the eight weeks are:
Week 1 – Automatic pilot
Week 2 – Coping with obstacles
Week 3 – Awareness of breath
Week 4 – Being present
Week 5 – Allowing, letting be
Week 6 – Thoughts are just thoughts
Week 7 – How can I best take care of myself?
Week 8 – Next steps, personal maintenance plan
Registration and Intake
Prior to commencing the course you will be invited to a private intake session to address any questions you may have and to complete a registration form.

Session handouts and work sheets used during the course are based on the 8 Week MBSR
(Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) Course by Jon Kabatt Zin. The audio files for home
practise will be made available online.

Meditation cushions, blankets and mats are provided

It is recommended to wear loose, comfortable clothes. Outdoor shoes should be left in the vestibule of the studio, so you may want to bring socks or slippers to wear during the sessions.

Home practice
The course includes a certain amount of work to be done outside the sessions, this includes meditation exercises and completing worksheets for discussion in following sessions.

The next eight-session course will commence in September 2018 on Tuesday evenings, the dates will be announced shortly.

Course Fees (including all course materials) €280

Four week Mindfulness Course (including all course materials) €220 – details to follow shortly

Private Sessions
Both the eight week and the four week courses can be taught on a one to one basis. Private sessions are also available to address specific issues, for example, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, chronic pain (migraine, back pain).

€60 euros per session (including all materials)

                                             REGISTRATION FORM


Be aware that negative feelings may well will come to the surface in the first couple of weeks and you may experience difficulties. You may feel a dip and feel that you are getting worse rather than better. This is quite normal and part of the process of introducing mindfulness to your life.

Total confidentiality during all parts of the course is assured.

We offer information designed for educational purposes only. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor as a replacement for professional, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
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